Just Becuzz Thanksgiving Wishes.... November 06 2015, 0 Comments

Thanksgiving is a time family and friends get together. It provides a profusion of football games, the first glimpse of Santa, and a true feast, seasoned by memories as much as by spices.

But have you thought that another reason Thanksgiving is so special is that it is one of the few remaining times American families gather for a family meal? Most of the year, family members may just wave as they wolf down leftover pizza. For Thanksgiving dinner, most families take a few minutes to gather around a table, give thanks for our bounty and enjoy both food and conversation.

Sharing favorite foods and stories is an especially satisfying pause in harried schedules.

Here are 10 ideas to push yourself  to have an even more meaningful and fulfilling Thanksgiving this year. Take what is useful and leave the rest.

  • Get hands-on about sharing.  Make a point to give to a food donation center and get the whole family involved.
  • Make the food together, from scratch.  When you get down to it, food is the centerpiece of this holiday.
  • No cell phones allowed.
  • Be intentionally loving.  Focus on what you admire and appreciate about your family members and let them know.
  • Don't judge "good or bad."  Listening to someone and giving them your full attention is one of the greatest gifts you can give.
  • Say grace.
    • Play hot seat.  Go around the table and, focusing on one person at a time and have each guest name one good quality that comes to mind.
    • Serve each other.
    • Make toasts.
    • Take a walk in nature together.

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    Just Becuzz Inc. hopes you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with love, good food, and most importantly, special memories!