Happy Holidays From Just Becuzz Inc! November 20 2014, 0 Comments

Hard to believe the holiday season is upon us yet again.  We at Just Becuzz hope you take the time to stop, relax, and enjoy the holidays.  Below are some tips to help reduce stress and make the most of the season.


Here are 5 practices to seriously consider. If you do, we guarantee, you will feel surprisingly different by the end of the year.

1. Get clear about what’s most important to you. Redefine the spirit of the season for yourself. What is this holiday really about, is it spiritual? Family? Is it even about giving? There are no right answers, except yours.

2. Are your basic needs met before giving to others? Are you in integrity with your finances? Often we equate love and generosity with the value of a gift. Gift giving can take many forms. Make sure you are in alignment with your true values first, and then decide what to give.

3. When you find yourself imagining stressful scenarios about family interactions or social situations ask yourself, “is this the only possibility?” Remind yourself that worrying about the future or regretting the past isn’t going to change what has or is going to happen. Search for what else could be true, rather than what you fear.

4. Create your own traditions. Once you’re clear about what makes this season meaningful for you, have fun and play with it. Invite your loved ones to participate in something new. Take a risk, defy convention.

5. Remember, your time and energy is precious. Are your boundaries intact? Most of the stress around the holidays surrounds an increase time demands and frankly, increased food intake. Be clear about what works for you and what doesn’t. Making and sticking to healthy choices isn’t deprivation, it’s self love. Enjoy yourself as well as honoring yourself at the deepest level.


Best wishes for a wonderful holiday season to you all


Just Becuzz